Do I Really Require a Bankruptcy Attorney in Fontana?

What Is the Role of a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Because the word bankruptcy conjures up such negative connotations, consumers frequently overlook the true reason for filing: A) It shields you from creditors; and B) it relieves you of some, or possibly all, of your outstanding debt. If you are in this situation, you can hire a Bankruptcy Attorney in Fontana.

And it’s accurately what a bankruptcy attorney should do: preserve your property from debt collection agencies and find a way to release you from financial obligations.

Individuals who defined themselves in Chapter 7 debt, on the other hand, were only effective 66.7% of the time.

The statistics are even more startling for customers who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Consumers who represented themselves were successful only 2.3% of the time. When a lawyer symbolized a client in a Chapter 13 situation, the success rate increased to 41.5% — debts were expelled after having finished a repayment plan.

So, if your financial situation has deteriorated and you want to be protected from debt holders and relieved of outstanding debt, a bankruptcy attorney could be your passport to a new beginning.

What Can I Hope from a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

## Bankruptcy, like most matters of law, is a procedure that is best navigated with the assistance of an attorney.

## A decent bankruptcy lawyer will offer you a sense of security if they perform at least the following four services:

## An initial consultation (which is usually free!) to get a comprehensive overview of your situation

## Recommendation on possible choices, including which type of bankruptcy to request

## completed the paperwork required to file for bankruptcy

## When the case is brought to court, representation is provided.

The insolvency process starts with a 30- to 60-minute question-and-answer session with a lawyer. If you are a husband and wife, both of you should join in order to answer all queries accurately and truthfully. The lawyer will be able to explain your choices, including the possibility of filing for bankruptcy without a partner.

It is not a wise decision to make accurate predictions about how much you owe and to whom you owe it. The lawyer will require documentation to back up your responses about how many investments you have and how much you deserve. If you desire an accurate and truthful evaluation of your circumstance, don’t hold anything away. Your lawyer’s recommendation is only as good as the data you supply.

When the lawyer has sufficient documentation to assess your case, he should advise you on how to move ahead. A decent lawyer will not always advise you to file for bankruptcy. It’s feasible that your problem can be addressed through less extreme means, such as debt consolidation or a debt management program.